Thrilled to sync Theresa's super catchy banger 'KISS KISS' into the KIIS FM 97.3 Commercial in Brissie. Enjoy!


Continuing supporting Bonds through 2023 with music services for various social media campaigns across the dynamic Adult, Youth and Kids range.

Nice Rights NEWS2

Heartbreak High cut through all the noise with Jemma Burns excellent music supervision in Season 1. We licensed a bunch of tracks from Jonny Kosmo, Cub Sport, Zoe Fox and Mkada. Cannot wait for Season 2.

Nice Rights NEWS 1

Check out Crazy Fun Park on ABC Me catch up now! Promise you've never seen anything quite like it :)

Nice Rights NEWS 3

 Upright season 2 returns with another journey through bizarre escapades with the remarkable Tim Minchin and Milly Alcock. Featuring music by Pete Cullen, The Ivory Elephant and Mardi Wilson.

Nice Rights NEWS 4

Netflix's latest Australian teen series 'Surviving Summer' snapped up a handful of our music for the debut season. Hitting the top #5 around the globe and with the mesmerising 'Spend Your Life' by ELKI closing out the final episode, this is one to watch!


A group of best friends chase their sun-soaked surfing dreams in ABC's 'Barons'. Set in the early 70's the soundtrack is a cocktail of Australian classics and some uncovered gems including Enoch Smokey's 'It's Cruel'.


Let's Go! Public Transport Victoria hits the screens to promote their services to customers in Melbourne. Gotta be the best city in the world! This TV Commercial features Charlie Foltz with 'Yours Truly'.

lets go

Underbelly is back with the most gripping story of the century. This cat and mouse drama features a string of bangers thanks to the criminally talented music supervisor Jessica Moore. More Underbelly's please!  Underbelly Vanishing Act Music


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